MTS and SRK Consulting partnership announcement

MTS and SRK Consulting partnership announcement

MTS and SRK Consulting partnership announcement

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with SRK Consulting. Through this, we aim to bring significant value to our clients by collaborating on site assessments, conducting strategic mining technology reviews, and using our data analytics skills to unearth optimization opportunities.

SRK Consulting are world-class specialists in a broad range of fields including mine design, due diligence, technical studies, mine waste and water management, permitting, and mine rehabilitation. At MTS, we bridge the gap between technology, data, and operations. Our new collaboration, therefore, allows us to leverage one another’s strengths to help achieve a common goal of driving efficiencies in the mining sector.

While we continue to be a nimble team renowned for quality and innovation, our partnership with SRK will broaden our technical offerings and allow us to disseminate our unique mining technology expertise to even more operations. With a focus on safe, ethical, and sustainable mining, our objective is to enable mine sites to implement solutions that bring about change that matters.


MTS is a unique team of mining technology experts providing consultancy, training, advanced reporting, and cutting-edge bespoke software solutions to mines across the globe. The diverse team at MTS brings together a varied portfolio of talents, ideas, and solutions. MTS has a reputation for delivering rapid, high quality and sustainable solutions.


Started in South Africa/UK in the 1970s, SRK Consulting is one of the world’s largest technical mining consultancies. With an HQ based in the UK, they have offices all over the globe including South Africa, Peru, Chile, the US, Canada, Australia, and Kazakhstan. Their commitment to continually improving their professional consulting services and embracing new technology makes them one of the most sought-after technical consultants in the mining space.

Author: Joe Atkinson

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