World-Class Mining Technology Consulting, Training and Support

Consultancy Services

We’re experts in the implementation, execution, and realistic application of mining technology to your business, meaning we’re best-placed to help you understand where you are versus where you need to be.

Our world-leading technical capabilities and flexible, customer-focused approach mean that we can also support you every step on your journey towards digital transformation in mining.


Mining Technology Implementation Assessments

Our comprehensive MTIA provides a clear, structured mining technology strategy and digital transformation roadmap for your organisation, allowing you to understand exactly how you can maximise value from your investment:

  • What technology would be suitable and bring the greatest benefits to your operation?
  • What level of investment will be required and how will this be justified?
  • What people, skills, and training are needed?
  • What must happen to make the implementation successful?

Existing Mining Technology Assessments

Our EMTA provides detailed and realistic recommendations based on the following questions about your existing systems:

  • How well are you using your existing technology?
  • Are your systems performing as expected?
  • What challenges are your operations facing?
  • Where can realistic, targeted improvements provide the greatest sustainable gains?
  • What changes are needed to achieve this?

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how our range of mining technology consultancy services can help you.

Mining Dashboards

As mining people, we understand the operational challenges you face each day and we also understand the data that can help you manage them.

Nearly every site has its own ‘Excel Wizard’ and we often encounter complex spreadsheets being used as the primary medium for mass communication of information between departments.

But what happens when spreadsheets inevitably break?


Real-time interactive dashboards and automated scheduled reports require little to no maintenance and can be securely accessed locally or remotely.

Automated dashboards and reports provide single sources of truth, empowering your team to make proactive, data-driven decisions by replacing guess-work, emotions, and opinions with measurable facts.

Every mine has its own unique set of challenges, and if you’d like to understand more about how our mining dashboards can help you overcome them, please get in touch.

Training Services

Our strength lies in our people, so we believe that every mine around the world should have access to high-quality, comprehensive training for their teams.

Dispatcher Training Program

Our flagship DTP has proven time and again that investment in training is the fastest way to see measurable gains from your mining technology.

Our DTP consists of:

  • Formal classroom-based training.
  • System configuration review & adjustments.
  • Scenario training using a digital twin of your FMS.
  • Onsite in-seat training and mentoring.
  • Capability assessments.
  • Deployment of Dispatch KPI Toolkit for ongoing performance management.

Need more details?

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