Our Story

Fresh out of university in 2005, Tom and Joe entered the mining industry and soon found themselves at mine sites around the world who were waking up to the potential that their mining technology offered.

They noticed that talented, passionate people were struggling to tackle operational challenges using fleet management or condition monitoring systems because nobody truly understood the technology and data enough to turn potential into reality.

Tom and Joe both felt that these systems could be harnessed much more effectively to make data-driven decisions based on measurable facts.

In 2016 they formed MTS and with it banished memories of stopwatches by the side of haul roads and grainy digital cameras. The idea was to reconnect mines with their technology and provide the expertise needed to start putting these systems to work as intended, and with a little imagination, push them even further.

Fast forward to today and there are still plenty of mines with expensive technology sitting idle, ignored or misconfigured, and the vast, rich datasets they produce left untouched. Yet most of the same operational challenges remain.

It shouldn’t be this way, mining technology doesn’t need to be so complicated.

Our Mission

Mining technology is advancing quickly, but it still relies heavily on a range of inputs from people. Any mine around the world should have access to comprehensive, cost-effective training for its people and advanced, flexible support for its technology.


We believe that all mines should be able to:

  1. Use their technology to safeguard both their people and the environment.

  2. Easily access the support required to utilise their technology to its maximum potential.

  3. Harness all of their data to identify and solve operational challenges.

  4. Access timely, comprehensive reporting, and suitable visualisations to disseminate information.

  5. Demonstrate a realistic and appropriate roadmap to maintain their technology into the future.


Put simply, we want to reconnect mines with their technology, help them turn their data into actionable information and extract maximum value from their investments.

What Makes Us Different?

First and foremost we’re mining people. Our combined 55 year’s worth of diverse experience in mining means that we understand your business in a way that the large, well-known consultancies do not.

No two mining operations are the same, and therefore a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not yield results. We’re flexible and we tailor our solutions and services by listening, understanding and responding to your needs.

Unlike the overwhelming majority of other mining consultancies, we’re experts in the development, implementation, execution, and realistic application of mining technology to your business.

Most importantly, we’re with you every step of the way, from recommendation through to action.

Meet Our Team

Director & Principal Consultant
Director & Principal Consultant
Lead Consultant - Mining Engineer
Lead Business Intelligence Developer
Front End Developer
Operations Technologist

Business Intelligence Developer
Asset Health Specialist
Non-Executive Director
Lead Database Developer
Financial & Accounting
Consultant - Geotechnical Engineer

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