Meet Geoff Popple -  Operations Technologist at MTS

Meet Geoff Popple – Operations Technologist at MTS

Meet Geoff Popple – Operations Technologist at MTS

Geoff Popple started his career in 1989 in the Royal Air Force, performing operational roles for a number of airbases in the UK and Germany. He has since amassed a robust portfolio of skill sets and success stories, ranging across various sectors and domains.

For the last 25 years, he has worked in integration and software systems, with over 15 years of experience in mining tech alone. In his previous role with BHP (Australia), he served as the Supervisor for Fleet Management systems for BMA and BMC assets. He led a small team to deliver optimization strategies in the use of Modular Dispatch and Cat MineStar Technologies, across seven mine sites from a centralized Integrated Remote Operations Center (IROC). Prior to this, he worked with Caterpillar as the Service Engineering Team Lead for Cat MineStar Fleet and Cat Terrain (high precision solutions), in the UK and Australia.

At MTS, Geoff’s role is that of an Operations Technologist, which is a rather diverse role, much like his skillset. He is primarily responsible for bringing in his technical experience and SME knowledge to High Precision solutions. Additionally, he also helps sites deliver change by drawing on his project management and implementation approaches. He is able to lead and synergize high-performing teams while being an excellent team player himself.

When not playing the role of a Mining tech SME, Geoff may be seen playing disc golf on a sunny Brisbane day, or touring around Queensland in his campervan, with his beautiful family.

We, at MTS, are delighted to welcome Geoff to the team!

Author: Subhrata Sinha

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