Improve Your Haul Road Management with Haul Road Explorer

Improve Your Haul Road Management with Haul Road Explorer

Haul Road Explorer from MTS allows your mine to collaborate on data-driven decisions to improve your haulage network.

Improve Your Haul Road Management with Haul Road Explorer

Most mines acknowledge that the design and condition of their haulage network directly impacts the fuel consumption, component life and productivity of their entire mining fleet.

They also recognise that through better haul road management, there are cost-savings potentially worth millions of dollars per year in extra production, reduced fuel burn and improved component life.

But how many mines have succeeded in turning more than 50% of this opportunity into success? That is actually a really difficult question to answer!

What we can say is that the prospect of turning those cost-savings from potential into reality is about to become much more tangible, with the release of our Haul Road Explorer software: a haul road analysis and management tool for the mining industry.

Collaborate, Measure, and Improve.

After the industry’s big push to get connected, mines around the world are now routinely operating equipment with at least some form of telemetry, such as GPS and payload monitoring.

Any mine with a comprehensive fleet management system is now sitting upon a lake of incredibly rich data that can be used for short interval control and long term improvements in mine operations and asset management.

Yet most mines are only putting a relatively small fraction of this data to work. Our mission is to change this, we want to connect mines with their data in a simple, intuitive way.

Developed in partnership with SRK Consulting Ltd., Haul Road Explorer makes it possible for your Mine Operations, Mine Engineering and Mine Maintenance departments to collaborate, and easily:

  • Identify slow spots, choke-points and bottlenecks on the haulage network.
  • Understand where poor haul road conditions are impacting the health of equipment.
  • Allocate, manage and track haul road maintenance tasks.
  • Automatically calculate the impact of these tasks on haul road performance.
Improve Your Haul Road Management with Haul Road Explorer
Perform inspections on a mobile device, then seamlessly upload images and comments to the interface.

Automatic Analysis of Fleet Management System Data.

Basing operational decisions on ad-hoc haul road analysis in Excel is fine in the short term, but the limitations of pivot tables become apparent when you need to start looking at the bigger picture by reviewing hundreds of millions of rows of data covering days, weeks, or perhaps even months of operating hours.

Haul Road Explorer’s inbuilt Opportunity Algorithm automatically analyses thousands of miles worth of cycle data and operating hours every day. It identifies which area of haul network has the slowest travel times in comparison to their design, and summarises this information, along with the potential tonnage gain, in a simple visual format.

All this, in a package which is easily accessible by pit controllers, shift supervisors and managers…

David Pearce, Managing Director, SRK Consulting.

Finally, you can end the over-reliance on those enormous, complicated spreadsheets and focus on the targeted road maintenance that provides the biggest bang for your buck.

Improve Your Haul Road Management with Haul Road Explorer
Automatically calculate the impact of your road maintenance tasks in tonnes and dollars.

No Extra Hardware Needed.

Haul Road Explorer uses the data generated by your existing fleet management and condition monitoring system, with no extra investment in hardware required.

The application itself is hosted centrally within your company network and the interface is securely accessed through a web browser, meaning that you do not need to install and manage multiple applications on individual laptops across your organisation.

Promoting Interoperability in the Mining Industry.

The next big trend for digital transformation in the mining industry is interoperability.

Many mines operate fleets supplemented by mining technology from a mix of manufacturers. Different source systems may mean that the data generated can be a range of granularities, types and frequencies. Accessing this data, cleaning it and integrating it into a single point of access in a reliable way can be incredibly time-consuming and technically challenging.

We have lived this pain, and we poured all of this experience of harvesting and combining multiple OEM data into Haul Road Explorer.

The system is designed to reliably and automatically integrate data from multiple systems, and present it in a simple format that helps your teams to collaborate and make informed operational decisions, without all the hassle and inflexibility that comes with manual, ad-hoc extractions.

It’s time to start making your data work for you.

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