Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

At MTS we have always been focusing on making mines more efficient: from saving fuel, to prolonging the life cycle of fleet. Our work has sa

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Here at MTS, we have always focused on making mines more efficient: from saving fuel, to prolonging the life cycle of a mining fleet. Our work has saved the world many tons of CO2 emissions and premature asset retirement, and we are thrilled to be able to talk about these results.

The mining industry is growing year-on-year, particularly in the rare earth metals and battery metals sector required for the electric vehicle revolution.

This is great news, but the world is getting hotter arguably at a much faster pace. June 2019 has been the hottest month on record in the UK, and these types of records are being broken with increasing frequency…

Although MTS’s activities are generally net positive for the environment in the long run, there is a lot more we should and can do to help avert the biggest environmental challenge of our time.

This is why MTS has been implementing changes with the aim of substantially reducing our carbon footprint by the end of the year!

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

As a service company, our biggest CO2 contributions and carbon footprint are in the form of travel and office operations.

We have already proudly moved to an ultra-low carbon facility at Halton Mill in the UK. The office runs on locally generated renewable energy for both power and heat, has the highest energy efficiency rating, uses only environmentally-friendly cleaning and building supplies, and recycles close to 80% of waste.

Despite this, due to the nature of our work, travel is our biggest (unavoidable) emissions contributor.

It is time we tackled this issue and we are very pleased to announce our commitment to achieving carbon-neutral travel in the near future, by using a combination of carbon offsetting schemes.

There are schemes in place with some airlines for carbon neutrality but this has been criticised in terms of the execution of their promise.

We are currently reviewing ClimateCare, Atmosfair and MyClimate who are all highly rated.

Watch this space for further announcements once we have made our decision.

As a final note, we are trying to cut down on commuting travel by trying to work from home where possible…. And Joe is braving the British weather and biking to the office!

Reducing our Carbon Footprint
Joe has started biking to the office!


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