Meet <strong>Maryna Movchan – BI Development Lead at MTS</strong>

Meet Maryna Movchan – BI Development Lead at MTS

Meet Maryna Movchan – BI Development Lead at MTS

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Maryna is the Business Intelligence Development Lead for our Ukraine team. Having started her career with GE’s finance department, she soon transitioned to Data Engineer and Data Analyst roles. She has since worked alongside prominent technology and software conglomerates across Europe and the US, while garnering a robust portfolio of skill sets and success stories.

Maryna has been with MTS for over 2 years. As our Business Intelligence Lead she is responsible for using a data-driven approach to help our clients improve their processes, boost production and reduce costs. Additionally, she also helps us deliver change by drawing on her project management and implementation approaches, as well as the creation of intuitive data visualisation dashboards that help draw meaningful insights.

Amongst her various other hobbies, Maryna also leads the National Women’s Paintball team in Ukraine. Under her captaincy, her team landed a position in the top 3, in the UPBF Women’s Paintball World Championship, in 2022.

We, at MTS, are delighted to have Maryna on our team!

Author: Subhrata Sinha

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