Leveraging External Consultants: A Strategic Move for Accelerating Success

Leveraging External Consultants: A Strategic Move for Accelerating Success

When should the decision to engage an external consultant be viewed as a strategic move rather than an alternative born out of necessity?

When organisations confront the task of improving efficiencies or introducing new technologies, the inclination is often to rely on tried-and-tested internal teams—a logical choice. However, there are situations where bringing in an external consultant could be a game-changer for your mining operations. 

Their presence not only provides solutions to immediate issues but also contributes to the long-term resilience and innovation of mining enterprises. As such, the decision to engage an external consultant should be viewed as a strategic move rather than an alternative born out of necessity. 

In this blog, we explore how hiring an external consultant can be the catalyst for getting things done efficiently and effectively. 

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1. Independent Point of View

One of the key advantages of engaging external consultants is their independence. Unaffiliated with any specific department, consultants can objectively assess issues, identify pain points, and collaborate with various stakeholders to find common ground for improvement. This neutrality fosters an environment where unbiased insights can thrive, ultimately leading to innovative solutions and a more cohesive approach to tackling challenges.

This is especially beneficial for organisations faced with the challenge of improving operational efficiency. An external agency’s independent viewpoint can identify inefficiencies, recommend best practices, and introduce innovative solutions to streamline operations, ultimately enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

2. Diverse Skills, Views, and Benchmarks

Consultants bring with them a wealth of experience gained from working with a wide range of operations. This exposure allows them to offer diverse skills, views, and industry benchmarks that may not be readily available within a single company. Unlike full-time mine workers who are often confined to a single operation, consultants draw from a spectrum of best practices, enabling them to tailor solutions that are both innovative and proven effective in various scenarios.

MTS has extensive experience of bringing industry leading standards and practices to operations across the world. Our Haul Road Explorer software was specifically developed after noticing that multiple operations we have worked with, were losing production due to the poor conditions of haul roads. HRE allows poorly performing sections of roads to be quickly identified and addressed.

Leveraging External Consultants: A Strategic Move for Accelerating Success

MTS’s HRE allows poorly performing sections of roads to be quickly identified and addressed

3. Bridging the Expertise Gap

In today’s dynamic and fiercely competitive landscape, staying relevant demands a constant upgrade of skills. This is especially the case in the mining industry, which has seen a drastic shift in focus in the last decade, becoming much more tech-oriented and sustainability-driven.

If your company lacks the specific expertise required for a project or faces skill gaps within its workforce, a consultant becomes the bridge to success. By tapping into a consultant’s specialised knowledge, it becomes easier to navigate challenges more effectively and ensure the seamless execution of projects without compromising on quality.

MTS  takes the unique approach of blending mining expertise with skilled experts in the IT and Business Intelligence fields which are skills that have been traditionally lacking in mining. These backgrounds not only bring the skills required to unlock value but also provide unique perspectives and insights into data.

4. Maximising Efficiency for Long-Term Gain

Time is often a critical factor for any mining operation, and the balance between speed and cost is delicate. While internal teams may have the capability to tackle projects, the time it takes to chip away at them could be a hindrance.

Consultants, driven by focused expertise and efficiency, can often deliver results in a fraction of the time, allowing you to reap the benefits sooner and maximise the impact of their initiatives for a much longer period.

5. Filling Resource Gaps

Resource constraints are a common challenge in mining operations. Even if the right people are in place, they might be tied up with their day-to-day responsibilities. This is where external consultants shine. Similar to bringing in a contractor to prep a drill pad while your assets focus on production, hiring a consultant allows companies to fill resource gaps without sacrificing their core operations. It’s a strategic move that ensures business continuity and efficiency.

The Bottom Line

While internal resources are the backbone of any successful operation, there are pivotal moments when the external perspective of a consultant can be a successful strategic move. 

Consultants foster an environment conducive to open dialogue, creative problem-solving, and unbiased assessment of existing practices. By tapping into the diverse set of skills and expertise they bring, mining operations can position themselves for sustained growth in a rapidly evolving industry.

If you need any support with your mining technology implementations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you choose the right technologies for your needs and implement them effectively.

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Author: Subhrata Sinha

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