Production reporting can be time-consuming. Our Reporting Enrichment Forms (REF) eliminates the need to spend hours filling in spreadsheets by capturing data automatically from web-based forms and your Fleet Management System. Managing business targets, shift handover notes and machine configurations has never been easier.


How it works

REF allows you to input data on-site targets, limits, grouped assets etc. into customisable web-based forms. The form-entered information is then captured in a database alongside data from your Fleet Management System and other automated sources. This allows you to easily generate reports through software such as SAP BusinessObjects. Multiple linked pages can be quickly generated through REF for each business use.

Example Use Cases

REF is a versatile tool which can be easily customised to meet your business needs. Example uses include:

Asset Groupings: Assigning multiple assets to a single piece of equipment – for example, a drill rig with multiple engines operating in a region under a single fleet manager. Aggregated reports can then be created based on these hierarchy levels as desired.

Recommended Actions: Creating action lists based on specific operating parameters. This helps to keep your fleet management organised, and in particular, can help less experienced personnel manage the fleet.

Asset Configurations: Adjusting equipment configurations such as tonnage capacity, enabling more realistic and meaningful reporting.

Production Targets: Setting up target production tonnes per shift to compare to actual tonnes produced, making clear where targets are and aren’t being met.

Shift Notes: Adding comments to a shift to provide context for performance, allowing you to note factors such as adverse weather conditions, accidents and poor loading conditions


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