Automated Customer Fleet Management Reports in End User Preferred Language

Company:                  Mantrac Group

Site:                             300 customers across 10 countries

Location:                    Slough, UK

The Mantrac Group operates a world class machinery and equipment dealership covering significant parts of Africa and the Middle East. They currently have nearly 3,700 individual assets across 300 customers connected with telematics devices. These devices transmit operational and health data back to the dealership for analysis and expert recommendations for their end users.


Every month a fleet management report is sent to eligible connected customers. This summarises key areas of interest including health alerts, fuel burn information and asset activity.

Covering such a wide geographic area has many operational challenges including the multitude of languages spoken. For the fleet reports to be of value to the customer, enabling them to be quickly reviewed and take action, they must be clearly understood.

Manually sending out each customer report with their corresponding fleet, in the right language, for each end user is incredibly difficult and time-consuming. Maintaining an independent list of e-mail addresses and language preferences has previously been used which also proved cumbersome.

Summary of challenges

  • Filtering of customer assets which are eligible for the report & active.

  • Access to a robustly maintained end user e-mails and language preference list.

  • Availability of translated technical descriptions and text.

  • Automatically translate and send reports to matching fleets/users in their preferred language.

  • Avoid creating multiple reports for each language, which would require individual maintenance.

  • Identify and feedback internally any company accounts without a least one valid e-mail addresses, missing translations etc.

The Solution Provided by Mine Tech Services


A workshop was carried out with the team to break down the challenge and identify how each could be addressed.

  • End user information including e-mail addresses and language preferences were already maintained in their cloud-based Salesforce CRM.
  • SAP Business Objects was already being used for Business Intelligence reporting which has multi-language reporting capabilities.
  • Technical translations were partially available, with dealer specialists filling in gaps as they are identified.

The existing Condition Monitoring database, containing the assets telematic data, was enriched using the technical translations provided.

The required customer contacts fields from Salesforce CRM were set up to periodically synchronise from the cloud into a local database. This was then incorporated into the existing condition monitoring reporting system.

The customer fleet report was modified to include dynamic translation, within a single document. I.e. one document can be maintained which covers all possible languages. A ‘pre-filter’ was also incorporated so the report only includes eligible and active assets This was finally configured to automatically send each month, matching the report language with the end users and their assets.

Managing By Exception

Exception reports were created and set to automatically send to internal dealer personnel before the external customer facing reports. This allows them to proactively resolve any gaps in e-mail addresses, language preferences, technical translations etc. before it reaches their customers.


Finally, dealer employees were trained on how they could use the new data source to build further reports and dashboards independently.

The project was completed over a two-week period; the system now sends out over 300 reports in the end users preferred language without any manual intervention.

Feedback: Marian Sulek, Mantrac Group

“Mine Tech Services were able to very quickly work through each challenge, coordinating with multiple parties within Mantrac Group to find a practical solution.

The result is an elegant solution which almost entirely eliminates the manual reporting work for us while providing a personalised and valuable service to our end users. This allows us to spend our time and effort helping our customers get the most out of their connected assets.

I would highly recommend the MTS team to any dealer or equipment owner wishing to do more with their Product Link or MineStar Health data. ”

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