Joe Atkinson

Joe is an expert in mining technology optimisation, with over 15 years’ experience of unlocking Mining Fleet Management Systems to create reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions that enable mines to interpret their asset health and mine operations data.

Joe has a solid industry background, having previously worked for Unatrac, Caterpillar and First Quantum Minerals.

Joe is passionate about connecting mines with their data. His speciality is integrating datasets from multiple OEM systems (Jigsaw, Modular and MineStar) into a single point of access for consumption in downstream reporting and mining short interval control.

Tom Jordan

Tom is a leading specialist in the design, development and implementation of cutting-edge asset health and short interval control solutions. After 15 years in the mining industry, Tom has a deep understanding of the post-technology implementation landscape, and has a proven track record of delivering advanced asset health support.

Tom previously worked for Unatrac, where he was responsible for developing a MineStar Health equipment solutions department serving clients in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries, and building successful relationships across Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the CIS region.

Jonny Witter

Jonny is a mining engineer and Camborne School of Mines (CSM) alumni, with a background in open pit haulage optimisation at Imerys Minerals UK. His speciality lies in using fleet management system data to drive operational improvements in load and haul productivity.

Jonny’s experience includes delivering a six-month Cat MineStar training and optimisation programme at a large iron ore mine in Southern Africa in 2019, and more recently, the migration of legacy Xcelcius mining operations dashboards to powerful, integrated Tableau interfaces.

Kea Menyatsoe

Kea is a highly-skilled data visualisation specialist, with a strong background in delivering Agile customised reporting solutions, ROI analysis and technical fleet management system training for mining operations across Southern Africa. Kea’s experience includes 10 years with Southern Africa’s largest Caterpillar dealership, where she led group strategy on process improvement, automation, Cat MineStar technical support and delivering in-house Business Objects training.

Jean-Marc Mbouma

Jean Marc is an experienced Senior software engineer with 10 years in developing software and providing enterprise-level solutions. He is a proven professional who specialises in C#, .Net, Java,, VB6, JavaScript, C++ and Python.

Jean Marc previously spent 6 years developing software for the pharmaceutical industry, but more recently has delivered robust customised development projects for mining companies around the world for short term planning, short interval control and asset health data analysis.

Maryna Movchan

Maryna is an experienced data analyst with a strong background in financials and data visualization. She has over 9 years of experience in the IT industry (B2B) and FMCG business. Along with her cross-functional analytical expertise, she is also a proven specialist in reports automation (Tableau, Looker, SQL), KPI and SaaS metrics analysis, and data modeling. She loves learning new technologies and tackling challenging tasks.

Marian Sulek

Marian has over 12 years of experience, working extensively with a Cat dealership, in product support, assets management, and assets health for Earthmoving as well as Energy and Transportation equipment. He is passionate about creating custom reporting solutions based on asset telematics and equipment health data, troubleshooting, and resolving customers’ on-site issues. Marian has also actively been involved in Cat Customer Value Agreement (CVA) development, budgeting of the Operating and Owning costs, Life Cycle Costs, Service Options authoring.

Tanya Mulesa

Tanya has worked in a global commercial business development role for over 10 years. She is particularly interested in the sustainability side of the business having previously worked in the renewable energy sector, something which mines strive towards. ​Tanya brings these skills to MTS advising on commercial and business strategy.

Viacheslav Brui

Viacheslav has more than 7 years of experience in the analysis, design, development, and maintenance of applications using Microsoft SQL Server tools, RDBMS tools, and designing DWH, ETL. Viacheslav has delivered enterprise solutions in different domain areas, such as healthcare, insurance, retail, etc. He also has experience with developing solutions using PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Talend DI, Cognos and TM1.

Agi Jordan

Agi has worked across multiple industries and is able to compare and contrast business practices relating to financial accounting and company management. Coupled with her background in teaching, this has allowed Agi to identify, capture and hone industry best practices, and pass that knowledge on effectively – allowing both MTS and our clients to benefit.