MTS assist mining operations worldwide. Below are some examples of how we have helped mines make better use of their mining technology and fleet management systems.

Fleet Management Benchmarking and KPI Reporting

Westmoreland Coal Company, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2016

Fleet Assignment Optimisation​

Project Requirements:

1. Establish an easy way to benchmark how the mine was utilising Cat MineStar System’s Fleet Assignment functionality.

2. Upgrade and enhance existing maintenance KPI reports.

Estevan Mine, Courtesy of Westmoreland Coal Company; All Rights Reserved


Multi-Language BI Reporting Capabilities

Unatrac, UK, 2017-2019

MTS provided Unatrac with the ability to deliver automated multi-language fleet performance content to their customers in Russia, the Middle East and Africa.


Fleet Management System Evaluations with SRK Consulting

Russian Federation, 2017-2022

Working in partnership with SRK Russia, a leading provider of independent mining consultancy, MTS executed detailed audits of Fleet Management and Business Intelligence systems at a number of mines in Russia. Each audit provided practical recommendations as to how the systems could be further used to help manage operations.


Centralised Asset Health Centre

Newmont, American Asset Health Centre, Nevada, USA, 2017-2022

MTS delivered advanced productivity tools enabling a centralised group of condition intelligence analysts to make timely analysis of mobile equipment health data from sites across the region. Their objective is to prevent early equipment failures, extend component life, and improve the overall reliability of the mobile fleet.

The project involved a substantial amount of data warehousing, BI customisation and user training.

NAAHC, Courtesy of Newmont; All Rights Reserved


Asset Health Technology and System Development

Newmont Suriname , Merian Mine, Suriname, 2016-2022

From Data to Information…

Since 2016 MTS has provided advanced support to this greenfield operation to build and develop systems to support Asset Health function. This collaborative project included the creation of custom reports, dashboards, interfaces and productivity tools specific to the operation’s business needs. MTS listened to the customer’s needs to provide creative technology-based solutions which lever off multiple data streams to provide information via user-friendly platforms. This visibility gives the customer the ability to make informed and timely decisions to manage the health of their assets and optimise their processes. Additionally, MTS assisted with ERP and planning systems integration, user training and delivery of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

David Hogg, Assistant Superintendent, Mine Maintenance, Merian Mine

SAP Business Objects Training for Mining

Various sites in Europe and South America, 2016-2022

We provided advanced training and mentoring to a number of sites who use this powerful BI tool for dispatch and health reporting. Examples include:

  • Advanced reporting and dashboard course for asset health analysts.
  • System administration training
  • Web-based training for ad-hoc, casual BI users.
  • On-demand remote mentoring and troubleshooting support.

Greenfield Pre-Implementation Support for Mining Technology

Various sites in Sweden, Armenia and the United States, 2016-2020

Implementing a Fleet Management System, Asset Health or Ore Control system is a major investment involving substantial site resources, change management and time. Mine Tech Services provided pre-implementation support to a number of operations about to embark on complex roll-outs. This included business requirements gathering, road map production and building cost justifications.

Advanced Asset Health Reporting

Finning, UK, 2016-2020

MTS provided Finning UK’s team with the tools and skills to expand the use of their asset health and BI systems. This included:

  • Integration of their BI system with new data sources, allowing the team to provide more comprehensive insights to their customers

  • Development of a universe enabling the team to deliver more automated reporting including asset health and data from their enterprise warehouse.

  • Advanced report writing and dashboard training.​​


Mine Operations Short Interval Control Using Micromine Pitram Data

Nevada Gold Mines, Carlin Underground, Nevada, USA, 2019

NGM’s Leeville and Portals mines are at the cutting edge of technology usage in the underground environment, being one of the largest users of Caterpillar’s autonomous system, MineStar Command.

The operations team wanted to better utilise their Micromine’s Pitram data to raise the visibility of key information and help improve business decision making processes. MTS was engaged to help define and build a set of tools to provide this.

Priority areas included the status and location of key assets, material flow by type in each ore pass and muck bay, as well as heading development Vs plan.

Process Plant & Mobile Asset Management Visualisations

Nevada Gold Mines Long Canyon, 2018-2019

MTS developed a suite of customised dashboards to convert the site’s FMS and process plant data into focused and actionable information. Designed to tackle immediate business challenges, the solutions were mocked up and iterated with the Long Canyon team in a series of agile development sprints. The completed dashboards help the site to further streamline on-site decision making.


Fleet Management System Optimisation

Newmont Suriname, Merian Mine, Suriname, 2016-2022

MTS assisted in fully embedding their recently installed Fleet Management System (FMS) into the site’s business processes. This involved training for dispatchers, operators and end-users; as well as mentoring and provision of benchmarking reports. The project covered the main features of an FMS including automatic assignment, mine model maintenance, fueling and high precision GPS guidance for ore control.

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