Business Intelligence Developer (PowerBI/Tableau)


The position is targeted for an individual with a number of years of experience working with BI platforms Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI. Training and mentoring will be provided to develop the individual’s business application knowledge.

Main Duties

You will be responsible for the development of innovative, well presented and high-quality dashboards based on business requirements outlined to you. In this role you will be expected to:

  1. Gain an understanding of the business problem that the BI solution is solving.

  2. Assist with the capture of business requirements from the clients and translate to a visualisation(s) development scope.

  3. Using your detailed and current knowledge of the BI platform being harnessed you will build the requisite solution.

  4. There is a significant expectation that you will think laterally and build a really great solution using all of the tools at your disposal. i.e. you will not just copy exactly what has been put in a scope document e.g. scope says to use a bar chart, where a tree chart would be more appropriate.

  5. Perform support, updates and iterations in line with changing client demands — As this is a new area for mining the solutions usually go through some evolution.

  6. Deliver appropriate end-user and internally facing supporting documentation to ensure proper use and long term supportability of visualisations.

To qualify you must be:

  • 3+ years of Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI experience (advanced).

  • Comfortable with SQL, DAX, MDX.

  • Very technology focused individual with a strong interest in using systems and data to improve operational problems.

  • Interested in finding innovative but practical solutions to resolve complex challenges.

  • Interested in working in a dynamic environment combining technology, software, and large mining equipment.

  • A good communicator – both written and orally in English (B1+)

  • A good listener (there is a consultancy element to the role).

  • Willing to take significant interest in learning business practices.

  • Comfortable working remotely with collaboration via video conferencing.

  • You will be comfortable travelling periodically (post-pandemic) to far-flung, potentially remote locations.​


  • Competitive salary;

  • Bonuses according to the results of work;

  • Corporate events and travel around the world.

To Apply

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